Storenvy Closed til Aug. 8th

Sorry for any inconvenience but my Storenvy is going to be closed til August 8th. I’m going out of town soon and I’m not going to make it to the post office again before I leave.

All orders that have been already placed will be shipped before I leave town.

Thanks for understanding! The store will be opened again AUGUST 8TH!

hey so i’ve been telling a few (cis) ppl who wrote to me that they could enter to win the binder on behalf of a friend who is queer/trans…but I’ve been thinking abt it and talked to some folks and I just don’t think that’s fair. I’m sorry to change my mind like this but I feel it’s important for the winner of the binder to actually identify as queer/trans themselves. If you are someone who wants to help yr friend get a binder, you can buy them their own for pretty cheap online or refer them to this post which has lots of links to get cheap or free binders through giveaways and programs~

Sorry for any confusion on this and thank you so much for understanding~

~*~*~*~*~BINDER GIVEAWAY~*~*~*~*~

Here’s the deal: I’m giving away this 36 B/C/D Underworks Magicotton Binding “”Bra”“ to one person! It’s listed as a bra but it binds very tight and flat~ it’s only been worn once by me when I tried it on, otherwise it is brand new! I ordered a size too small and since my partner bought me my new one, I figured I’d give this other binder to someone who needed it!

Reblog or like to enter. If you’re boosting this and don’t want the binder, pls tag it accordingly.

I’ll choose one winner to ship the binder to on AUGUST 31. I’ll ship anywhere.

You do not have to be following me but if you are, I will give you extra stuff in the package when i mail it!!

*PLEASE only enter to win this binder if you are trans, queer, or identify in some other way that you actually need this to feel comfortable. Please only enter if you are actually unable to afford yr own binder. Please DO NOT enter to win this if you are just going to use it for cosplay. I’m not going to make you prove anything or question anyone’s identity, so please just be honest!

Let Me Tell You All About Solomon Fletcher


I’ve fanby’d over Solomon Fletcher a few times, and I will continue to do so every time I get a beautiful new package from them. So here we go!

You can follow them at solomonfletcher, and their Storenvy is here. 

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WOW OMG THIS IS SO NICE!!!!! I’m so sorry abt yr prints getting squished! Also, the pokemon stickers have moved over to Redbubble, since it’s easier than cutting them all out by hand and the quality is loads nicer~


hey just a reminder i’m open for ALL KINDS of commissions rn! The only ones with fixed prices are animal commissions, but if you are interested in a tattoo design or drawing of yr characters or anything else, you can always email me to discuss it at fletcher.solomon at gmail!

I also have art/books for sale in my Storenvy and on Gumroad, or you can support me on Patreon to get lots of WIPs, previews, and free downloads of my work!