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hio! i ordered my parcel last monday, and it hasn't arrived yet, which is making me a bit worried... about how long does it take for a parcel to arrive?

Depends who you are and where it’s going~ Come off anon! I shipped the last of my Storenvy orders yesterday bc i had been waiting on label paper, so it’ll probably be a couple weeks at most depending whether you’re in the US or not.

Hey everyone, don’t ever be afraid to ask what the status of an order/trade/commission is! Emailing me is better bc tumblr messages sometimes get eaten.

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smooches these smooches

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I heard the name Ruby recently. It sounded really pretty. Also these are all adorbs.

Aaa yeah that’s a really good name! I’ll definitely keep it in mind, I’m not sure who it would work for (there’s I think 7 of them right now ahaha)~ And thank you so much~~~

~*~*~Magic Leaf Necklaces~*~*~ now in my Storenvy!

The leaves are handmade from cardstock, paint, metallic pencils, glitter, and glow-in-the-dark paint, all sealed with clear acrylic to make them durable and water resistant. The crystals are clear quartz pieces~

There are only two available right now so grab them while you can!



Okay so I have a LOT of stuff taking up space in my room! I want to try doing ~*mystery art packs*~ so here’s how it works:

  • Send $5 or more to me (fletcher.solomon at gmail)
  • Make sure your address on Paypal is correct! Or send me an email letting me know yr address.
  • I’ll pack an envelope with stickers, prints, minis, books, original art, pins, crystals, etc! Anything pictured here is up for grabs plus more.
  • The more you pay the more stuff I’ll put in your package!

I’m going to keep this going until I run out of stuff to give out~

reblogging because I found even more good stuff to put in the packs!

still have lots of stuff! I keep finding more as I unpack stuff from storage~

stephstuph asked:

Are you still doing mystery art packs? They look really rad ~

Absolutely! i have a big box full of stuff for the mystery packs, so they’ll probably be available at least til the end of the month~ They’re really fun to put together cause I love decorating envelopes!



As promised, here is the full comic~~ if you would like to own a copy of this mini, it is available in my storenvy. If you purchase any other item just request a copy of this in your order form and I’ll send it with your order as a free extra~

ppl keep reblogging this in a different incomplete and unsourced post but check this out here is the full comic! If you like it please support me by buying a copy from my storenvy or on gumroad~