So #RuinJam is coming up soon and i decided to push back some other projects for this week in order to work on a game for it! I’ve been wanting to try making a game in Twine for a while so this seemed like the perfect chance.

My game is called Animal Intern and it’s about cute humans (you) who intern to become cute animals. When you begin the game you can choose to intern with bears, deer, or tigers!

The game focuses a lot on self-care and positivity towards yourself~ You can make mistakes but you can’t lose, and the animals will help you along the way. The game will be available for free when it’s finished but Patreon supporters get a first look at progress!

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Anonymous asked:

13 afab again,I'm sorry for asking,I just look up to you. You seem strong and tough. I'm sorry,Solomon,if it made you uncomfortable.

hey friend it’s totally okay!!! I was just confused is all and I want to make sure you get yr info from someone who can actually give the most correct advice :> planned parenthood is a v good resource!

Anonymous asked:

hey umm me and my friend are planning to have sex soon (both dfab) and she done stuff before but i haven't so do u have any advice??? and we don't have easy access to condoms either and aren't going to use any toys at all. so advice would be great!!!

idk why ppl are suddenly asking for so much advice? like it’s okay but kinda sudden and idk if i feel qualified enough to answer most things

ANYWAY i really really strongly suggest getting dental dams or other forms of protection. Please be safe~ Try reading up on ~

Anonymous asked:

I'm a 13 afab and I wanna grow out armpit hair but I'm scared of getting harassed. I get harassed a lot,any tips on how to deal with it?

Sorry I really don’t, I’m lucky enough to have not been really harassed abt the choices I make with my body. I’ve had boyfriends when I was in high school that would sometimes tell me I was “too hairy” but i just ignored them and I have never felt threatened.

My best advice would be to ignore ppl if you’re able, maybe talk to a teacher or parent if ppl are harassing you/you feel as if you’re in danger of being hurt? Please stay safe! Can other followers give tips?